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Is it cheaper to drive or get a taxi to the airport?

Whether you’re planning your next business trip or looking forward to a hard-earned half-term break, one of the things to sort out when jetting off somewhere is how you are going to get yourself and anyone you are travelling with to the airport.

Your first thought might be to book airport car parking or consider public transport. But, once you start to look into it, the results of your research might surprise you. For a start, public transport can be unreliable, may not run at the time you need it or may have stopped if you’re delayed. What’s more, and it won’t reach the terminal door – even at Gatwick, you have to navigate escalators and carry luggage from platform to check-in desk. Finally, of course, you have to pay fares for everyone travelling, so for a family of four that’s obviously four fares rather than one for a taxi.

When weighing up airport parking against getting a cab, there are a number reasons why the latter may be the cheaper option:

Airport parking can be expensive

One of the things to bear in mind is that airport parking costs depend on how long you stay in your parking space for. Taxi firms simply charge a straight fare for each journey, so for lengthier trips in particular you often end up paying a lot more to take and park your own car. So leaving a car at Gatwick in particular can be very costly.

Petrol costs are going up

It’s true that petrol charges have dropped somewhat in recent weeks and months. Yet the cost of filling the car remains high, and these expenses need to be factored in to any calculation you make for travelling to or from the airport, and need to be added to the parking fees to give a true picture of the full cost of getting to Gatwick.

Are you sure your car will be safe?

Of course, most airport parking providers are reputable firms. However, if something does happen to your vehicle while it is in their care, there could be implications for your insurance, and it could be costly to sort out, not to mention stressful. You may also find yourself worrying about your vehicle while you are away, and this could potentially take some of the shine off your holiday.

Quite apart from anything else, airport parking may not leave you as close to the terminal entrance as you’d like – especially if you are trying to book during busy periods. So you will then have to carry luggage to the check-in or wait for a shuttle bus, which could take a while late at night or if it’s very early, when they run less frequently.

For sheer convenience and peace of mind, airport taxi transfers are hard to beat, especially if you are travelling with children, a lot of luggage or anyone who may be less mobile, such as a wheelchair user or an elderly relative.

Enjoy a front door to terminal door service, with someone to pick you up after the return leg, whatever time of day or night you need collecting or dropping off, with a cheap taxi to Gatwick Airport.

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