Western Cars Horley FAQs

Our Taxi FAQs

I would like to book a large group taxi – How many passengers can you seat?

We have six, seven and eight-seater carriers as well as several executive vehicles, saloons and estates. So we are great for group taxi bookings – and you can always book more than one car if you need to. We know our clients love the cost-effectiveness and convenience of being able to travel together, safely and in style, especially late at night.


How late does Western Cars Horley stay open?

Clearly, flights take off and land around the clock, or may be delayed. Equally, our clients may need to be anywhere at any time of day or night. So we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That also means we are always around to take your call and discuss your booking, whatever the hour.


What areas do you cover?

We provide taxi services to Horley and, the surrounding areas including taxis to:

  • Salfords
  • Outwood
  • Smallfield
  • Blindley Heath
  • Redhill
  • South Nutfield

We also cover other areas, including airports, including our highly reliable Gatwick taxi service. So contact us, wherever you want to go.

Do you provide child car seats?

Yes, we do. We understand the convenience of not having to bring your own child seat. While the law does say that children can travel in the back of a cab with no child seat, and wear an adult seatbelt if aged three or older, we know that most parents feel much happier if one is provided. So we are happy to supply this where needed – just let us know.


Which airports do you cover?

We specialise in pick-ups and drop-offs to and from all major UK airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick Airport. While Gatwick is only a couple of miles away from Horley, you may not be able to get there for a very early or late departure or arrival without a Gatwick Airport taxi, especially if you have luggage.


I have booked an airport transfer – What should I do if my flight is delayed?

We fully appreciate that plans can go awry, especially with air travel – so don’t worry if it happens to you. Let us know as soon as possible by giving us a call or filling in our online form. However, we’ll also keep an eye on your projected arrival time. So we should be aware of any hold-ups, and we’ll be there to meet you at the new landing time. Also let us know if your flight time or date changes pre-departure.

Do you provide wheelchair accessible taxis?

Yes we do, and this is something we’re really pleased to offer. We’re very aware of our obligations under equality legislation, and will always extend disabled passengers whatever assistance they need. We train our drivers in getting wheelchair users in and out of the vehicle safely and comfortably, plus we test our equipment frequently so that it’s fit for purpose. We have wheelchair-accessible taxis ready, fully equipped with ramps and adapted seatbelts, wherever you want to go. Read more about our wheelchair accessible taxis.


Is it more affordable to book a taxi or drive to the airport?

You’d be surprised at how often booking an airport taxi service, whether you need a Gatwick Airport transfer or anything else, works out to be the most cost-effective option. Petrol, public transport fares and airport parking can all be expensive. But, equally, if a group of you are travelling, with cabs you pay only one fee and can share it between you.

And that’s without mentioning the myriad benefits airport taxi transfers bring in terms of convenience – read more about whether it is cheaper to drive or get a taxi to the airport.


How far in advance should I book my airport transfer?

We know our customers like booking their airport taxi transfers, whether to Gatwick or anywhere else, in advance. It frees them up to focus on planning the rest of their trip, safe in the knowledge they’ll get to the airport on time.

So we always encourage customers to book their airport taxis as soon as they know they’re travelling. This maximises the chances of securing availability for their date and time of choice, especially at busy times like Christmas. For the return leg, we’d suggest booking your cab home for 30 minutes after you’re due to land unless you have check-in luggage, in which case allow 45 minutes to an hour after your scheduled arrival. Read more about how far in advance to book airport transfers.



Do you have more questions?

Give us a call or complete our online contact form for more information. Remember, you can book online or via our app.